An end-to-end solution reduces the cost and complexity for homeowners and small businesses to go solar.


  • Fix an appointment for a free site audit.
  • We analyse your roof and your electricity consumption.
  • We will determine the feasibility of installing a solar power system at your premises.
  • You could choose to have a look at an existing installation.


  • We install high quality equipment with safety certifications.
  • All key components will be approved by the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy.
  • Solar panels and inverters have warranties for 25 years and 5 years respectively.


  • As such, solar power system requires minimal maintenance.
  • Maintenance is free for the first year.
  • After which, we are happy to sign an Annual Maintenance Contract at very reasonable rates.


  • You have an option to install a data monitoring system which will allow you to monitor your solar power system remotely via the Internet.